Guarantee Sale Program

If We don't Sell your home...We will Buy it!*

The biggest fear most home sellers face is whether or not their home will sell or will it sit on the market for an extended period of time. When you hire the John Quinn Team you will have confidence knowing that your home is Guaranteed to sell.  The John Quinn Team sells over 200 homes annually and his innovative marketing plan is designed to help you acheive top dollar for your property.   

How Does This Program Work?

John Quinn has been purchasing homes around the Memphis Metro area for over 15 years. When you meet with John Quinn, his main goal is to help you determine the current market value for your home.  Next he will let you know what to expect when you put your home on the market and what you can expect in your pocket at closing.  Basically, he is going to show you what your bottom line would be. If John Quinn feels you can sell your home for more money listing it...he is going to recommend you to do that.

Next, John Quinn will discuss the price he is willing to pay for your home.  It is a fair price based on condition and location.   Some of his properties are turned into rentals and others are fixed up and put back onto the market and sold.

Is There a Catch? 

Not at all.  You will know upfront, the price and terms of the Guarantee Sale Agreement and the amount you could expect from the sale of your home, if you sold it on the open market.  You will know all this before ever listing your home for sale.

Is this a Scam?

No, not at all.  In fact, John Quinn is endorsed on Radio and Television by national recognized celebrities such as Sean Hannity and Ben Ferguson.  Additionally, John Quinn even helped sell Ben Ferguson's personal home.

Is the Customer Obligated to do the Guarantee Sale Program?

No.  This program is designed to benefit you, the customer.  If at anytime you decide you do not want to sell your home, you can cancel the agreement. Most sellers prefer to do our Risk Free Listing Guarantee, but do want to know what buyout price of the Guarantee Sale Program.

What will be the Guaranteed Sale Price?

That is the main question most people want an answer to.  Once John Quinn does an on-site examination of your home, he will give you a detailed analysis of sales price, closing cost and any repairs.  But the first step is, he needs to take a look at your home. 

Find out how this Guaranteed Sale Program will work for you, simply fill in the form below or Call us directly at 901-685-6000 / 901-591-8100.  There is no cost or obligation.

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Guarantee Sale Program

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